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We provide affordable and professional web design & digital marketing services for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our team of four highly skilled digital marketers & designers is ready to take on your most challenging task. 

Contact us today and let us do the hard work for you and bring your business to a new level.

Why are we better?


Every project we work on is different, therefore we always do our research and plan ahead.

Our future proof strategy involves market research, competition analysis and client interview.

Once we gather all the information we need the website building process begins.

fair fees

We try not to over charge our clients and we keep the fees as low as possible.

We have heard horror stories about web design agencies charging over €5000 for a simple local business website. 

After years of experience in this industry our costs are minimal therefore we can provide a much better service at a fraction of what other agencies charge.

quality representation

We are proud to be a high quality web design agency that does not charge an arm and a leg.

Our team is not only experienced in web design but also in all other digital marketing services.

Our web design service is better because its affordable, websites load under 3 seconds, responsive on all devices and are hosted on super fast cloud hosting platforms.

Steps to how we work


We gather information from you & perform competition analysis. We discuss with you the features and looks of your future website and agree on pricing.


We send you your first draft website. At this point you either agree with the design so we can finish the project or you can ask for changes.


We test your website for issues to make sure everything is smooth and fast before we transfer the ownership to you.

Meet our awesome team

Amy is a highly experienced digital marketer. Her experience helps local businesses generate tons of new clients and leads.

Amy O'Malley

digital marketing

Sean is our senior web designer. He has been building websites since 1999, we consider him the most experienced person in our team.

Sean Bunda

ui/ux designer

Michael is an experienced digital marketing wizard and knows his way around search engine optimisation and paid traffic strategies.

Michael Stephens

Marketing wizard

She has built over fifty websites by herself. Lisa is another great web designer in our team, she is young and extremely goal driven. 

Lisa Bellucci

Web designer

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A business without online presence is like a business located in a desert!

Bill Gates

Clare Web Design FAQ

The Internet has long changed the way business is conducted throughout the world today. As such, it is important to have a digital marketing agency that help you maintain your competitive edge over others in your field. Here are a few important questions you will want to consider before moving forward.

What is responsive design?

Just ten years ago, websites were made for large PC monitors. However, as many people began using smartphones and tablets to surf the web, these websites looked awful because they were static and did not adjust their sizes to fit the view screens of smaller devices. Responsive websites, however, detect a viewer's device and respond to the device's size by adjusting the layout, design, and graphic sizes. In doing so, it shrinks to fit the size of a phone and becomes readable.

Responsive web design is critical to business websites because customers with smartphones will go elsewhere if a business website does not quickly and accurately respond to the device. In fact, because most people use smartphones, if a business does not use a responsive website, he or she is likely losing 80 percent of potential online business. Simply put, business owners requiring web design in Clare--or anywhere else in Ireland--will not be able to compete unless they adopt a responsive web design.

Benefits of conversion rate optimisation?

Websites that are optimized to convert viewers into paying customers naturally look and operate better than outdated websites. For instance, if you are in Clare, you might have found this site by searching for "web design Clare."

Using keywords in WordPress is easy to do in any website, but as mentioned earlier, WordPress makes it easy to use HTML tags. An HTML tag helps search engines understand content on a page, and WordPress allows you to easily assign HTML tags with a click of a button.

However, WordPress does not stop with HTML tags. You can also include a variety of meta data for text or images. Finally, you can setup your URL permalinks, which makes your content much easier for users to find.

In previous eras, inserting meta data required website owners to understand various HTML codes, which can be confusing and hard to read. In terms of permalinks, these were sometimes unreadable. Coding that is hard to read results in typos and a non-working website. However, WordPress makes everything possible with a few clicks of a few buttons, resulting in converted customers and higher potential revenue.


Another way optimized web design works better than antiquated websites is via CTAs. CTAs, for instance, can be a button, but they can also consist of the following.

- videos
- banners
- surveys and quizzes
- registration forms

These types of CTAs look good on WordPress and provide a sense of professionalism. Comparatively, older websites usually used a button with simple text.

Social media

Many WordPress designers add buttons that connect the website to social media. For instance, you can easily connect to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Doing so will help bring in more readers and convert more of these readers into buyers.

Wordpress CMS benefits?

n terms of website frameworks, WordPress is a content-management system that allows such things as templates, pages, and posts to be installed or updated directly within a user-friendly dashboard. Once a website owner publishes the content, it is ready to view in an attractive layout.

Easy to use
Furthermore, templates can be customized, and the administrator dashboard will allow website owners and administrators to easily update previously published content or slate future content for publication. In the same way that 80 percent of people use smartphones to access the internet, 80 percent of business owners use WordPress because of its ease of use and effectiveness in creating a commercial website.

Publishing tools
Another reason WordPress is so popular is because it offers a suite of tools to easily attract viewers and convert traffic into buying customers. For instance, publishing an form in WordPress to obtain e-mails or encourage user registration can be done in approximately five minutes via a third-party plugin.

In terms of optimizing a site for search engines, the built-in text editor is ready to go with SEO tools, such as HTML tags. All a person has to do is type the content in the WordPress text editor and pepper it with SEO phrases, such as "web design in Clare." With the content entered, you can select the text and format it as an H1, H2, or H3 tag.

Finally, WordPress makes it easy to use calls to action (CTA), such as buttons and prompts to fill out a form or buy a product. In any website, a CTA helps increase user engagement.

Community support
Whether you are a seasoned website owner or are launching your first site, the WordPress community offers a range of supports for people via their forum and via the plugin marketplace. Via the marketplace, for instance, site owners can download plugins and request assistance or advice on usage.

What will my website be built on?

  • Local business websites built on WordPress CMS.
  • E-commerce websites we build on Shopify
  • 80% of todays websites use WordPress CMS for its security, easy of use and support.
  • Our clients can easily make changes to the websites we build.
  • Do you work with online e-commerce stores?

    Oh yes, we love E-commerce projects. These do take a while due to the extra features and product uploading but we do have a lot of experience in making beautiful online stores.

    What is the process?

  • We gather information from you
  • We send you a few designs to choose from
  • We agree on pricing and features
  • We build your website
  • We make changes or send you the completed project
  • We offer further digital marketing plan to you
  • We’d love to hear about your ideas!