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Dublin Web Design FAQ

The Internet has long changed the way business is conducted throughout the world today. As such, it is important to have a digital marketing agency in Dublin that help you maintain your competitive edge over others in your field. Here are a few important questions you will want to consider before moving forward.

What is responsive design?

Responsive web design in Dublin, RWD has been around for a while and is simply the approach of designing your website to be reflected correctly across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices. Novice web designers often making the mistake of creating a website based on the device or browser they use to develop and are shocked when they discover how differently devices, screen sizes, platforms, and browsers interpret their code. RWD is built on a set of tools that allow developers to ensure the web site content published will be consumed as they intended.

The principle of RWD is to develop as if your site is water. No matter what container you place water in, it takes on the form of the container. RWD has become much more significant than nearly 20 years ago when it was initially unveiled; with so many mobile devices used to consume content, it is a must.

Proportion-Based Grids

Websites are created using grids, as they give visual structure and makes it easier to organize and manage the content of the site. Fixed grids are as the name suggests, set, and the dimension is defined using pixels. Proportion-based grids, or sometimes called fluid grids dimension, are determined using percentages. RWD uses proportion-based grids to allow the website to adapt appropriately to the device the user is using.

Flexible Media

Flexible media, like proportion grids, allow media files to be displayed according to the device screen dimension.

Media Queries

Media quires are one of the models that compromise cascading style sheets three, CSS3. Media quires act like a filter, which returns media based on the specifics of the device the media is displayed.

About conversion rate optimisation

There are many benefits to increasing the percentage of visitors to a website to becoming customers.

More Customer Data

Part of the process of conversion-optimized with Dublin web design is to engage the visitors to your site. The more you engage users, the more information is collected, the data is used to understand your visitors more, which increases the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Data-Driven Decisions

Because conversion optimization increase engagement with users, there is an increase in the amount of customer data collected. The data collected is used to help website managers determine what changes are beneficial. Results from A/B testing is used to understand what customer expect and what they respond to, which gives website managers blueprints on changes to the website interface will have a higher chance of converting potential customers to customers.

Repeat Customer

Part of the CRO process is continuously optimizing the user experience, based on data collected from feedback and other means. The CRO process is a continuous one that works on customer feedback and is continuously improve the customer experience, which increases the odds of retaining long-term customers.

Why wordpress CMS?

Wordpress is a content management system that is designed to allow developers to create and manage sites. One of the most popular content management systems used today is powering nearly 80 percent of the content on the internet. Wordpress is favored among a Dublin web designer and for good reasons.

User-friendly interface
Wordpress makes web development a lot less stressful as there is no need to have coding skills. Some of the most code-intensive tasks of web development are not needed using Wordpress. Adding plugin and themes are easy to implement using the Wordpress interface. The Wordpress interface includes an easy to use “plugin” option, located on the left column of the software.

Responsive Web Development
While it is true, there is no need to understand how to code in HTML, PHP, and other web development languages, the code is still being generated while using Wordpress. Wordpress creates responsive code to ensure the content will adapt to different devices, platforms, and screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization
Sites developed using Wordpress have increased searchability because the platform supports plugins that are updated regularly to improve search engine optimization. The code generated by users when creating websites is mobile responsive, and Google and other search engines favor sites with backed in responsive web development.

Initial Set-Up
Wordpress is relatively simple to set up and is doable in a few minutes.

Web-Based Interface
Wordpress is a web-based application, so there is no need to download and install it on a local machine, which allows users to access and manage from any device with internet access. 

What will my website be built on?

  • Local business websites built on WordPress CMS.
  • E-commerce websites we build on Shopify
  • 80% of todays websites use WordPress CMS for its security, easy of use and support.
  • Our clients can easily make changes to the websites we build.
  • Do you work with online e-commerce stores?

    Oh yes, we love E-commerce projects. These do take a while due to the extra features and product uploading but we do have a lot of experience in making beautiful online stores.

    What is the process?

  • We gather information from you
  • We send you a few designs to choose from
  • We agree on pricing and features
  • We build your website
  • We make changes or send you the completed project
  • We offer further digital marketing plan to you