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Galway Web Design FAQ

The Internet has long changed the way business is conducted throughout the world today. As such, it is important to have a digital marketing agency that help you maintain your competitive edge over others in your field. Here are a few important questions you will want to consider before moving forward.

What is responsive design?

Responsive web design, quite literally, is web design that responds to the device on which it is being viewed. Historically, web sites have had a generally static design, with a specific number of pixels in width and graphics that displayed at a proportional rate. Until a few years ago, many sites utilized Flash as part of the website design itself, usually in the heading, main menu or as part of the homepage of the website.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to be able to view websites in a more legible, but smaller fashion, as well as larger, wider screens of laptop and desktop computers, the need for websites to appear as functional and legible as possible became paramount, which changed priorities for web design in Galway, Dublin and every major city in Europe, if not the world.

Since the world's web traffic comes primarily through mobile devices, Flash elements on websites became obsolete as most mobile devices cannot load Flash for security purposes. Additionally, the files used to determine the design of websites, known as cascading stylesheets (or CSS files) became more flexible as a result, as did the means of designing sites.

This allows for text and images to show up just as legibly on the smallest smartphone as they do on the biggest desktop monitor.

Why update your web design?

Due to the rapid changes in devices that the general public uses on a daily basis, older sites designed for older machines using older operating systems can be difficult to navigate. This translates out directly to lost revenue and inquiries, and also negatively affects a business's web index rating on sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, making it harder for older sites to be found.

On average, site redesign should be considered, at the very least, every five years, depending on the development of new web technologies. Unlike standard brick and mortar shops, where consistent, stable design can be a sign of stability and quality, websites need to keep as modern in both aesthetics and form factors as possible.

If you are interested in planning a website optimization, talk to our local web designer in Galway for more details.

Why wordpress?

One of the biggest and most user-friendly changes to modern professional web design is the rise of the content management system, other known as the CMS. A CMS is a system that stores your site's page data in a stable database, as opposed to a static webpage, and also keeps a universal page design across a site.

This allows for an easier means of editing pages on a site as well as the opportunity for increased security in the form of "plugins," or small programs that work in concert with the CMS. The most popular CMS in the world is Wordpress.

While Wordpress was originally created as a blogging platform, it's user-friendliness and design versatility have made it an ubiquitous presence online. 80% of websites online are on it, and Galway web design, like anywhere else in today's business world, is reliant on knowledge, implementation and maintenance of Wordpress-based sites.

Aside from the ease of finding designers and developers for Wordpress, the benefits from keeping a Wordpress site are numerous. Editing text is easy enough for most non-designers and non-coders to be able to make changes on their own with little training. Sites on Wordpress can easily be backed up, even automated to do so on their own, making issues of data loss rare. Lastly, the Wordpress platform is an open source platform, meaning that it has no base cost.

The only cost to business owners is the hiring of a web professional, website hosting costs, and any proprietary website plugins, such as a security plugin with extra functionality, or a specialized e-commerce system.

What platform will my website be built on?

  • Local business websites built on WordPress CMS.
  • E-commerce websites we build on Shopify
  • 80% of todays websites use WordPress CMS for its security, easy of use and support.
  • Our clients can easily make changes to the websites we build.
  • Do you also build online stores?

    Oh yes, we love E-commerce projects. These do take a while due to the extra features and product uploading but we do have a lot of experience in making beautiful online stores.

    What is the process?

  • We gather information from you
  • We send you a few designs to choose from
  • We agree on pricing and features
  • We build your website
  • We make changes or send you the completed project
  • We offer further digital marketing plan to you