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We offer our clients the services of an extremely skilled team of professionals. Our focus is to offer digital marketing, and web development services at a reasonable price in Limerick city.

We understand our clientele of entrepreneurs and local businesses have unique expectations and requirements. For this reason, we make sure to plan ahead, and are extremely careful about performing our research for every project.

Why are we better?


Our strategy is future proof. This includes client interviews, performing an analysis of the competition, and conducting market research.

We make certain we have developed the right plan to handle your digital marketing requirements.

As soon as we have established the perfect product for your needs, we can start the development process. 

fair fees

We have made the commitment to provide your business with the highest quality product, with the lowest possible fees.

We have heard a lot of horror stories about businesses being charged more than €5000 for the creation of a simple website.

We have years of experience within our industry. Our fee is a fraction of what numerous other companies are charging for the same type of service.

quality representation

There are numerous reasons our websites stand out from our competition. Our loading times are efficient, our websites are affordable, and we use cloud hosting services for high speeds.

We want all of our potential clients to know in addition to having experience with web design, our team is also experienced with digital marketing services.

Steps to how we work


We begin by collecting the necessary information to enable our team to conduct a competition analysis. We will talk to you about the appearance and features you want for your future website. We will not begin the process until we have come to an agreement on pricing. 


We send the first draft of your website as quickly as possible. Once you have looked over the draft, you decide if you want any changes in the design, or if you agree with the website our team will create. Once you have the draft you desire, we can complete your project. 


Our web designers conduct thorough testing on your website for any potential issues. We make sure your website is fast and smooth prior to transferring the ownership to your business. 

Meet our awesome team

Amy is a highly experienced digital marketer. Her experience helps local businesses generate tons of new clients and leads.

Amy O'Malley

digital marketing

Sean is our senior web designer. He has been building websites since 1999, we consider him the most experienced person in our team.

Sean Bunda

ui/ux designer

Michael is an experienced digital marketing wizard and knows his way around search engine optimisation and paid traffic strategies.

Michael Stephens

Marketing wizard

She has built over fifty websites by herself. Lisa is another great web designer in our team, she is young and extremely goal driven. 

Lisa Bellucci

Web designer

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A business without online presence is like a business located in a desert!

Bill Gates

Limerick Web Design FAQ

Here are a few important questions you might want to ask us before moving forward.

About responsive design

The term responsive web design refers to the process used for the creation of a website. Websites need to be displayed correctly for numerous different screen sizes and devices. Whether the viewer is using a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet should not make a difference.

The way website pages are created must enable the viewer to see the entire website. If only portions of the site can be seen, there is an issue with the creation. When our team creates your website, the creation of a single set of pages is sufficient for every website.

There is no reason to charge for the hours some designers spend duplicating every page to ensure the ideal fit for the display of every possible device.

Advantages of Responsive Design
Mobile devices are consistently used more frequently. Everywhere we look, numerous individuals are using a smartphone for internet access. Responsive web pages are now necessary to make certain these users have an excellent experience

Importance of Search Engine Rankings
Non-responsive websites do not receive as high a ranking from the search engines as responsive websites.

Page Loading Speed
Responsive web pages will load faster for every device. This is yet another reason search engines love responsive pages. Responsive web design is also much more cost-effective. Since only one website is required for your business, less maintenance is necessary. This means it will cost less to ensure your site remains current.

Benefits of conversion optimisation

There are many benefits to increasing the percentage of visitors to a website to becoming customers.

More Customer Data

Part of the process of conversion-optimized with Dublin web design is to engage the visitors to your site. The more you engage users, the more information is collected, the data is used to understand your visitors more, which increases the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Data-Driven Decisions
Because conversion optimization increase engagement with users, there is an increase in the amount of customer data collected. The data collected is used to help website managers determine what changes are beneficial. Results from A/B testing is used to understand what customer expect and what they respond to, which gives website managers blueprints on changes to the website interface will have a higher chance of converting potential customers to customers.

Repeat Customer
Part of the CRO process is continuously optimizing the user experience, based on data collected from feedback and other means. The CRO process is a continuous one that works on customer feedback and is continuously improve the customer experience, which increases the odds of retaining long-term customers.

Benefits of wordpress CMS

WordPress was first created as a platform for blogging. The platform has since evolved to become an effective builder for websites in addition to a simple to use, dynamic content management system. A recent survey revealed 35.2 percent of all online websites are using WordPress.

More than 60 percent of the CMS market is attributed to WordPress. WordPress also offers a free software package. This means there is no charge for downloading, making layout changes, or installing WordPress on your server. You can create any website you want to match the needs of your business.

WordPress offers you an exceptionally easy way to adapt the software for your business. You can choose from hundreds, or possibly even thousands of themes and templates for your business. WordPress also provides you with thousands of different plugins.

Plugins are important to ensure your website is both secure and user friendly. Unfortunately, the CMS most frequently hacked is WordPress. This is due to easily infected out-of-date websites. You need our team because we understand how a WordPress site must be created.

Our websites remain current with security patches to make certain you do not experience any breaches due to hackers. You can ensure your content remains updated through the CMS dashboard. Think about the platform you want your website built on. The most popular platform for local businesses is WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS is currently used for 80 percent of all modern websites due to the support, ease of use and security. Our clients are able to make changes easily for every website we have built.

Do you also build online stores?

Yes, e-commerce projects are among our favorites. We will require time for product uploading, and the extra features. Our team has a lot of experience in creating lovely online stores.

The process of ordering?

We start by gathering information. We then show you some designs to choose from. Once we have reached an agreement on features and pricing, we start building your website. We can make any changes you desire, or send the completed website. We even have further plans for digital marketing available. Jump to top

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