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Wexford Web Design FAQ

If your business has a website, you’ve opened the door to a large market. What if after establishing a website it’s not helping bring in business? The problem may lie in your site’s design. Wexford may have been founded over 1000 years ago, but Wexford web design need not remain in the previous millennium. How can you update your website, and will this updating your design truly benefit your business?

What is responsive design?

One term you’re likely to hear regarding website-building is Responsive Web Design (RWD).
Put plainly, RWD means designing a website that can adapt to different devices. This design standard recognises that many internet users aren’t sitting behind a desktop computer, they are browsing from mobile devices.

When building a site, RWD intends the design will apply to various screens regardless of size. It allows you to create an enjoyable experience for all visitors to your site. If your site is a pain to view on a phone, or confusing to browse on a tablet, it will push people away. When people enjoy using your site, they are far more likely to become customers. That outcome is what you are reaching for.

Giving attention to web design in Wexford businesses enables you to showcase all the lovely sights, wares, and the experiences Wexford offer. The more mobile-user friendly your website is, the more inclined visitors will be to stick around, make purchases, and even make referrals. Local businesses need this extra boost to remain competitive.

If RWD is that powerful, how can you put it to use in your own website? What is the best platform to get started?

About conversion rare optimisation

As mentioned, using a mobile-friendly design is one way to reach customers. Once they reach your page, you’ll have already made design decisions to optimise their experience. You need a few more strategic moves to convert that good experience into a sale. This is conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

CRO gives a good design power by using compelling content to tell users who you are and why they want to work with you, or what they want to buy from you. It arranges your content to make navigating your site easy. It uses simple forms to engage customers and help you see what improvements you can make.

CRO generates revenue that you can put back into your business. It builds on existing site traffic instead of relying on ads. Compared with outdated websites, customers trust and remain with businesses that use CRO.

All these are very positive, but you may still feel too intimidated to build your own website. You don’t have to work alone. A professional web designer in Wexford can work with you to create a site that perfectly suits your business needs.

Why wordpress?

WordPress is a popular platform for creating and hosting websites, in fact, 80% of websites run on WordPress. Its ease of use, accessibility, and flexibility are reasons so many business owners prefer it.

Some people envision WordPress as a mere blogging space. They don’t realise it also functions as a powerful content management system (CMS). It has the tools for you to create and manage your entire website. These tools are used to publish and edit content, even if you don’t know how to code. They give you the ability to update your site with ease.

WordPress includes many theme templates to choose from, enabling you to create a unique site that will capture the attention of customers. The site you build using WordPress won’t only look nice on a desktop, it will also incorporate responsive design. The functionality, appearance, and quality won’t degrade for a mobile user.

Another bonus is WordPress sites tend to rank highly in searches, driving more eyes to your business. There are also plugins provided to increase the functions your website can perform. All these can enhance the user experience, and your own as you manage the site.

It cannot be emphasised enough that your responsive design isn’t only making your site pretty. It must be part of an overall strategy to engage your customers.

What will my website be built on?

  • Local business websites built on WordPress CMS.
  • E-commerce websites we build on Shopify
  • 80% of todays websites use WordPress CMS for its security, easy of use and support.
  • Our clients can easily make changes to the websites we build.
  • Do you work with online e-commerce stores?

    Oh yes, we love E-commerce projects. These do take a while due to the extra features and product uploading but we do have a lot of experience in making beautiful online stores.

    What is the process?

  • We gather information from you
  • We send you a few designs to choose from
  • We agree on pricing and features
  • We build your website
  • We make changes or send you the completed project
  • We offer further digital marketing plan to you