Best WordPress Hosting in Ireland

For beginning website owners or online entrepreneurs, the ins and outs of operating a website might sound difficult, but it is all fairly straight forward.

For instance, to run a website, you will first need to select a web host, which simply means you will need to locate a company that runs a computer server designed to store all the necessary website software and files that make a website run.

Not only does this computer server hold the files, it also is able to handle all the online traffic that visits a website. Finally, it is able to do so in a secure way so as to protect the website files and customer data.

The company that runs this server is known as a web host. Because most business owners cannot run such a server, they need to find someone who can. Below we dive into the ins and outs of WordPress web hosting, and highlight some of the main web hosts you should considering throughout your WordPress hosting search.

Types of Hosting for WordPress!

As with any product, there are many types of web hosting options. That said, two common ones for online business owners and bloggers are shared hosting and cloud hosting.

  • Shared hosting is cheaper but much slower than cloud hosting and it also requires manual management of website's security and updates, it can be hacked and attacked by viruses. Most reputable shared hosting provider is A2 Hosting.
  • Cloud hosting costs more but it comes with a ton of benefits, and these are: super fast loading speeds, virus security scans, daily backups and 24/7 support, everything is done for you so you can sit back or work on your business.  Most reputable cloud hosting is WP Engine who we personally use too.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting represents the cheapest and least secure of all hosting options. What it involves is a computer server with thousands of websites on it. Each website runs like a program on a computer hard drive, and all the websites run at the same time, using the same limited memory and storage resources. Unfortunately most hosting companies in Ireland are "shared hosting" providers.

The Problem:

In terms of shared hosting, you need to balance out the affordability with the fact that all the resources of a server are shared among the websites on it. This fact becomes important in such scenarios as one website running an ad campaign and getting hundreds of thousands of visitors. When one website receives a traffic spike, it can use up all the server's memory and bandwidth, causing all the other sites to run slowly.

Another serious flaw in this hosting option is that your site is only as secure as someone else's site. If a hacker breaks into the server via someone's account, that hacker now has access to your information and files.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The benefits of managed WordPress hosting largely involve greater ease of use, better security, and better performance. For instance, in terms of security, you will be able to utilise the web host's SSL certificate, saving you money and making your customer data much more secure.

Additionally, the web host will be in charge of server firewalls and updating your installation of WordPress with patches as they come out. In terms of managing a website, you can easily install your WordPress site by clicking a few buttons on the dashboard. 

Compared with shared hosting that often requires you to upload multiple files via FTP, a one-click dashboard allows you to focus on building your company and serving your customers.

When it comes to establishing your business, you do not want to get bogged down in IT work and managed WordPress hosting is your best option for stress free website management.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content-management system (CMS) that makes running a website easy. Free and premium templates are available to website owners, which help create a professional website appearance.

Finally, you can access your WordPress dashboard and easily publish content. In terms of running a website, WordPress is the easiest CMS, which probably explains why approximately 83 percent of businesses use it.

Best Cloud Hosting

When it comes to hosting a WordPress site, there are no hosts with more experience than WP Engine, making it perfect for newcomers and experienced website owners wanting to run a stress free business or blog. WP Engine is a bit pricey but that is because its a fully managed WordPress hosting service which means you'll never need to worry about issues such as security, speed and updates on your website, everything is done for you by a pro team at WP Engine. Their friendly support is second to none and is 24/7.

Best Shared Hosting

If budget is an issue and you do decide to go for shared hosting instead then A2hosting is your best option. All though shared hosting will never be as fast and secure as Wp Engine's cloud hosting since your website will share resources with other websites on your shared server. A2 is one of the fastest shared hosting providers out there. Their uptime is good and all plans include free SSL certificate to keep your basic security in check. A2 hosting is easy to use and many websites built on wordpress use this provider.

Let's Compare - Cloud vs Shared Hosting

In terms of hosting, for anyone serious about success, shared hosting will likely lead to tears because all it takes is for one hacker to get through an unprotected site, and all the businesses on that server are toast.

More important is the fact that if you choose shared hosting, you will likely be at a slight disadvantage to your competition when it comes to site speed. Because it is a well-established fact that a slow site translates into fewer customers, you need one that can serve your interests from the beginning.

Do you need to be experienced?

Website owners are good at running businesses. They are not so good at maintaining servers. Since WP Engine manages everything for you, you can enjoy many of the same benefits offered by managed cloud hosting in that you can get your site running with a few clicks of a few buttons.

Speed & security comparison

Managed WordPress hosting is faster and more secure than shared hosting it is also easier to use than any other type of hosting, you need to understand that the extra bump in price amounts will in return keep your website fast and secure for life.

Once your site is built, you can forget it. Similarly, once you choose your template, all you have to do is ensure you continue publishing quality content, which you can do from the WordPress dashboard.

Uptime comparison

When it comes to running a website, it all comes down to uptime. If you Google "web hosting Ireland," you will find that one host, WP Engine, ranks at the top of the list for people wanting managed WordPress hosting.

As one of the leading heavyweights in WordPress hosting, WP Engine offers phenomenal uptime guarantees and the best managed hosting software suite.

Management comparison

As web design companies or online entrepreneurs know, there is no better piece of software than one that allows you to set it and forget it. WP Engine is no different in that it allows you to build your business and forget it. What this means is that your daily backups are done behind the scenes--by the web host. The security patches are also handled by WP Engine technicians.

Your server performance is also monitored by WP Engine. This type of infrastructure and service is critical in that running an online business is difficult enough. You do not want to become tied up doing IT tasks.

Updates & management

WP Engine's performance is renown, ensuring you do not end up with a non-working site due to your having forgotten to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. All upgrades are handled by the host's technicians.

Templates & design

One of the best aspects of WP Engine is that many professional-grade templates are included. This is important as any website owner will have to install a template, and many free templates come only with limited features.

Having access to professional templates via the host ensures you do not have to rely on coding by a third-party designer, making your website that much more secure.

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